If you're new to digital crafting and designing, it's hard to know what everything is - files, programs, and graphics. That's totally understandable!

In this tutorial, you learn what clipart graphics is, the difference between the files included in the packs, and finally what you can create with clipart. 

What you create with clipart

Clipart is sometimes called digital graphics or digital illustrations. You use them to create your own designs - cards, wall art, branding, sublimation designs... the list is never ending.

What is the difference between PNG and JPEG?

Clipart often comes in JPEG and PNG - but also vector. We leave the vectors to another blog post. 

  • PNG files have a transparent background so you can layer them. This is really great when you create more complicated designs.
  • JPEG files have a white background. 
  • I recommend using PNG when working with designs as you can layer them and create more complex designs.
  • Most editing programs allow PNG and JPEG files. If you have vector clipart you need to use a vector program to create the designs.

It's super-fun crafting and designing with clipart! 



What is clipart and what you can do with them tutorial